Wednesday, July 14, 2010

STEM Bridge

Welcome STEM students..... Please post your comments to this post on my blog. We have learned so much in such a short time. You are all doing a wonderful job and it's a pleasure to be able to teach you about Computer Networking.

This week, our main focus is learning about ISPs and how we connect to them. We must have a variety of media and devices to be successful when connecting to the Internet. As you think about what we have learned so far, what types of users and organizations connect to the internet through an ISP?

What is the most common media used in today's home to connect to the Internet?

I also introduced you to iEARN and all about telecollaborative projects in the classroom. From the list you viewed, what projects look interesting to you?


  1. hello! it's Victoria with the first comment!!!
    I'm considering the pen friends and my name around the world projects. I'm considering the first because I'm obsessed with Japanese/culture and would love to learn about it from a native of Japan. I'm considering the latter because i would like to learn about different names and what they mean.

  2. Almost all people reach the internet using an ISP, but there are two main user types; home or personal and buisness. They most commonly use the Fiber Optic network.

  3. i was interested in hrmony for humanity because i'd like to learn music from other cultures

  4. I'm pretty sure that most people use a fiber optic media b/c it enables a quicker connection and disconnetion than other media. Buisness orginizatons such as new home offices connect to ISPs so that they may record and share information w/ other small buisnesses. The two most interesting projects I viewed were the Debuke of Stereo Types (because it helps get down to the real FACTS about other countries, not just what you see or believe about them) and the Energy For You and Me project (because it involves collaborative learning w/ other countries to help solve issues such as using alternate resources to save our enviornment).

  5. The projects I found most interesting were the One Day in the Life and My Name Around the World. I found these interesting because I think it would be interesting to interact with student from around the world and also would be cool to find out more information about my name and what it means in other parts of the world. Seeing what students lives in other parts of the world would be cool also. Users who connect through an ISP are used for either Home or Business.

  6. I thought the Harmony for Humanity and the Debunking Stereotypes projects were cool, because I really enjoy music, and if it can help people that makes it so much better. I have also seen friends suffer at the hands of stereotypes, and would like to see them gone.

    I think fiber-optic is on the rise, but as of now, because of its cheap cost, and easiness to manufacture, I would guess that CAT5/CAT5E are the most popular type of media in use today.

    Also, everyone uses ISPS

  7. Everyone uses ISP's to connect to the internet, but the two main user types are home or business. I'd have to say the most common media used to connect to the internet is fiber-optics, because there are so many Verizon customers. In a close second, would be the Cat5 media.

  8. i liked the "calligraphic arts" and "empowering youth"
    I like the calligraphic arts because i love to write and i love art, this combines both.
    I like empowering youth because we can help kids all over the world that might not have a much food, clothes or as good of a shelter.

    most people connect to the internet today.
    everyone use and ISP and you have home users (less expensie but less webspace) or buisness users (more expensive but more space) also their are many types of media like fiber optic and CAT5