Tuesday, July 20, 2010

STEM Bridge

So, what did you think of the field trip to ARINC?

Enter a comment on this blog about your experience at ARINC. What did you learn about that actually relates to the Cisco curriculum chapter 4?

Also, what was your favorite part of this trip?


  1. Hey Ms. Daywalt!
    I loved the trip to ARINC, and thought it was a very valuable experience for us. We talked in the classroom about how they like to be redundant, and then when we were there they talked about it as well. They showed us their category 5, 5e, and 6 cables and how they used them to keep their global network up.

    About tomorrow, with me and Joe bringing in our guitars, could I possibly have my mom park out front, and then you open the door outside, so I could go out and bring the stuff in? I think it would be much better than me bringing them into the media in the morning, as they are quite heavy.

  2. Hi Thomas,

    That's fine. I'll stay in the classroom. Try to come about 10 mins early, if possible.

    Ms. D

  3. Thomas took what I was going to say about redundancy. I also learned that their ISPs are Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and another one that I can't remember. I liked looking through that one-way glass to see what the other employees were doing. That was sort of creepy though...

  4. ohh!! Sam their other ISP is L...something.... i learned that they mostly use CAT5E and 6, Fios and wireless media. =D i also like looking through the one-way glass. it made me feel like i was a ninja. i also like the cookies.
    ~~waht kind of cookies do you like? 0.0

  5. I thought the one-way window was cool yet creepy also. I learned that they mostly use CAT 5, 5e, 6, fiberoptic, and wireless media. I also saw how they were redundant with a bunch of their stuff to keep there global network up. I thought the entire trip in general was really cool.

  6. The trip was fun and the pizza was good, but I was wondering why it cost so much to work and set up their equipment in the Middle East? I also liked the computer networking artist. I learned a lot about their company, what they do, why it's so important, and the things they use in order to keep up and running all over the world.

  7. Hey tristan, I'm no expert in all things ARINC, but I would guess that the reason why its so exspensive to set their equuipment up in the middle east, is because A.) The equipment overheats really quickly.Its very hot in the middle East. And an overheated server is a down server. So they need to spend a lot on energy to run the devices, and to keep them running. and B.) They would also have to spend a lot of money to set it up because they would need to ship it(safely), bring in a technician(who probably works by the hour and if you saw the servers that they had, you know that would be a lot of hours used to set one up),and then pay someone else to keep them running. and finally C.) All business men in the Middle East (and everywhere to be more precise) are trying to find the lowest bidder to work for them, but alway work for the highest payer, so it is also just the corporate fatcats trying to make an extra buck.
    Now this probably is all wrong but thats my guess at it.